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Our Goal

Royal Court Luxury Pet Services is a professional pet service organization in Cape May County designed to provide tender loving care, personalized attention and companionship to each member of our feline, canine and feathered families as well as to provide peace of mind to our human families in knowing that their little ones are in professional, capable and trusting hands.

Imperial Pet Sitting

Whether you're going on a vacation, a business trip, or just a weekend getaway, let our imperial Pet Sitting Pet SittingService cater to your little royal subjects' every need when you can't, in the comfort of your kid's own castle! Whether it's during the day, overnight, or incase of an emergency. Yes, your little ones will miss you but their environment and royal routines will stay intact. Do they need to be fed, walked, need fresh water, a change of the loo, or do they just want to play? Whatever the case, their wish is our command!

Royal court Canine Walking Club

The Royal Romp: Consists of a 15 minute walk around the palace grounds for your favorite royal companion.

Running late for work and have no time to give the canine "kids" breakfast or take them out for their morning excursion? No problem. Let us give you peace of mind and do it for you. Our Royal Caregivers will give them: The Royal Treatment: Breakfast and Lunch and a 20 min. walk.

Give your canine "crown jewels" a little "deluxe" pampering Dog Walking Cluband yourselves a little extra time for work or play with: The Royal Treatment Deluxe: Breakfast and Lunch and a 20 min. Walk.

Need to give your "canine crown jewels" some extra special pampering and yourselves a much needed breather?  Well now you can with The Royal Treatment Supreme: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a 20 min.walk.

If you object to your little prince and/or princess sitting around the palace all day and doing nothing with their time but chasing after palace quards, you might want to recommend the: Palace Power Walk: a one hour invigorating walk around the palace grounds.

Need to spend a little extra time at work and can't get home to give the litle one's dinner and their walk around the palace grounds? Work worry free!

Our Knights of the Round Table will cook them up a royal feast and top the night off with a Majestic Moonlight stroll with: The Noble Nosh and the Majestic Moonlight Marathon Treatment: Dinner and a 30 min. walk.

"Lap of Luxury" Limo Service

Limo Service for Your Pet Treat your furry and feathered friends as if they were the next heirs to the royal throne with our pet limo service to and from the vet and/or the groomer or just for a day for some fun in the sun in style.


"In the Kings Court" Pet Therapy

Pet TherapyFor disabled, housebound or elderly individuals who adore animals but are unable to care for them or who don't have any of their own, let Royal Court make you feel like the king or queen of your castle by bringing your favorite campanion to you.

"Nothing but Posh" Pet Shopping

Pet ShoppingCome home from work and live like the Royal Family. Dont worry about having to take care of your best friend. Royal court will do it for you by shopping for all of your pets needs. Pay one set fee in addition to the cost of food and/or merchandise.

"Right at the Palace" Pet Daycare

Feeling guilty about leaving your best buddies home alone all day? Well now you don't have to. We offer in-home pet daycare right in the comfort of your pet's own home. InPet Daycare addition to the fun you yourself have created for your best buddies, we bring our own bag-o-fun for them. We supply interactive dvds and toys for your feline family members as well as cool toys for your canine kids and feathered friends for hours of royal romping.

Out-of-the-home pet daycare in our posh pet daycare center is available as well for those royal subjects who want to experience "palace life" outside the palace.



Imperial Pet Sitting
Royal Court Canine Walking Club
Majestic Pet Boarding - In Your Home Only
Lap of Luxury Limo Service
In the King's Court Pet Therapy
Nothing but Posh Pet Shopping
Right at the Palace Pet Day Care
Royal Touch Massage


Pet Boarding

For those royal subjects who want time away from the Pet Boardingpalace but need to feel that they are still, "at the palace" they can enjoy our newly built "Right at the Palace" pet boarding accommodations. Complete with all of the amenities for the king and/or queen of the castle.

Call for further details. 609-435-8745

"Royal Touch" Pet Massage

Nothing like a relaxing massage to get the day started ofPet Massage before a good night's sleep. Show your little ones how special they really are. Give them royalty at its finest with a royal touch massage. Various massages availavle along with relaxing music in a relaxed atmosphere


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Royal Court Luxury Pet Services,LLC is a frequent guest on the radio show "A Paws for your Pets" on WOND AM 1400. Also is featured in 40/74 magazine, The GPS coordinates for gracious living, Jersey Cape Magazine, Featured in Atlantic City Press, Dog Fancy Magazine and petchannel.com.

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